• NIA gas sources


    We've been awarded funding to investigate new and renewable sources of gas.

    Our siloxane impact study is looking at how silicon compounds affect domestic appliances, from nuisances to potential impairment dangers over the lifetime of the appliance. Our findings will also enable us to set an acceptable limit of siloxanes in the biomethane injected into our gas distribution networks.

    We are also looking to produce standards for biogas gathering pipelines and biomethane injection into the gas distribution networks, and to report on the possible impact of gas from other sources not currently in widespread use.

    Ofgem's network innovation allowance (NIA) scheme funds innovative projects (such as these) which can benefit our customers. Details of all our NIA new and renewable gas sources projects can be found on the ENA Smarter Networks portal by selecting SGN as the network operator

    Some of our projects include:

    • Impact of Distributed Gas Sources on the GB Gas Network 
    • Siloxane Impact Study 
    • Unconventional Gases within the Onshore Gas Networks