• Other NIA projects


    Our projects cover distribution mains replacement, emergencies. repairs, LTS and storage, pressure management, maintenance, electrical and instrumentation projects, new and renewable gas sources and new commercial arrangements. There are a number of other projects outside of these categories, concerned with topics ranging from lead crystal battery technology to new pipe lining technologies for multiple occupancy buildings to setting up a real-time network across Great Britain.

    Our ‘Immersion Tube Preheating’ project has developed the world’s most efficient known method of preheating gas at our pressure reduction sites.



    Ofgem's network innovation allowance (NIA) scheme funds innovative projects (such as these) which can benefit our customers. Details of our NIA projects can be found on the ENA Smarter Networks portal by selecting SGN as the network operator

    Some of our projects include:

    • Asset Health & Criticality Modelling 
    • Cotter Plate Identification and Remediation (Stage 1) 
    • Development of DANINT FWAVC software for New Gas Chromatograph 
    • Development of Gas Industry Specification for Polymeric Pipe Lining Systems for Multi-Occ Buildings 
    • Combined Fuel Cell – Heat Pump Research Study 
    • Immersion Tube Preheating 
    • Lead Crystal Battery Assessment 
    • Orifice Plate Deformation 
    • Project Futurewave 
    • Project Futurewave – Phase 2 (Digital Prototype) 
    • RCA GPS Survey 
    • Real-Time Networks Feasibility Study