• NIA PMME&I projects


    We're developing methods to extract energy from the gas distribution networks operation with a view to powering equipment within our sites. This project is called the 'oscillating energy harvester'.


    Ofgem's network innovation allowance (NIA) scheme funds innovative projects (such as these) which can benefit our customers. Details of all our NIA pressure management, maintenance, electrical and instrumentation projects can be found on the ENA Smarter Networks portal by selecting SGN as the network operator

    Some of our projects include:

    • Acoustic Communications in Gas Mains 
    • Automated Regulator Maintenance (ARM) (Phase 1) 
    • Corrosion Mapping System for Buried Orpheus Regulator Modules 
    • Corrosion Mapping System for Buried Orpheus Regulator Modules (Phase 2) 
    • Magnetic Filtration in Medium to Low Pressure Networks 
    • Novel Pressure Reduction Station (Stage 1) 
    • Oscillating Energy Harvester (Phase 2) 
    • Osprey Pressure Validator 
    • Starline/Marwin Valve Bolt Replacement 
    • Wireless Instrumentation Field Trial