• NIA Repair projects


    Our award-winning CISBOT, the cast iron joint sealing robot that enables us to repair older gas mains from inside the pipe, is only one of our NIA repair projects. CISBOT's pioneering technology minimises disruption to the general public as there’s no need for multiple excavations in the road and repairs can be carried out without shutting off the gas supply. The system is being used on larger mains in inner city locations and it also dramatically reduces the distribution company’s carbon footprint.


    CISBOT has won numerous accolades, most recently Innovator of the Year at the London Construction Awards.

    Our gas polymerisation project aims to demonstrate ‘proof of concept’ of the innovative  gas polymerisation technology, which uses gas sealants transported with the gas to remotely repair leaks by exploiting chemistry that reacts with unique environmental factors found at leak points.


    Ofgem's network innovation allowance (NIA) scheme funds innovative projects (such as these) which can benefit our customers. Details of all our NIA repair projects can be found on the ENA Smarter Networks portal by selecting SGN as the network operator

    Some of our projects include:

    •  40mm Serviflex 
    • Acoustek 
    • Advanced Mini Bag Kit 
    • Aerosol Sealant - Stage 1A - Initial Development 
    • Cast Iron Fitness For Purpose (CIFFP) 
    • Development of Specification for PE Repair Systems 
    • Gas Polymerisation - Proof of Concept 
    • Gas Polymerisation – Stage 2 - Engineering Development 
    • Internal Stress Corrosion Cracking (ISCC) Assessment Work 
    • Large CISBOT (Cast Iron Joint Sealing Robot) 
    • Seeker Particles 
    • Seeker Particles (Stage 2) 
    • Self Amalgamating Tape (Stage 2) 
    • Self-Amalgamating Tape (Stage 3) 
    • Small Pressure Pot 
    • Solutions to Pipeline Graphitisation and Corrosion – Stage 1 - Concept Development 
    • SynthoTrax I-Seal Robot (Technical Feasibility Study)