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    Dundee volunteers help clean up Fife beaches 


    1 August 2017

    An images showing the team from SGN’s Dundee depot taking a break from their clean-up work at Lower Largo beach.The team from SGN’s Dundee depot take a break from their clean-up work at Lower Largo beach.

    Volunteers from gas distribution company SGN cleared almost 15 bags of rubbish when they helped clean up Fife’s Lower Largo Beach and Shell Bay recently as part of the company’s Community Action Programme.

    Working on behalf of the Fife Coast and Countryside Trust, the 12-strong team from SGN’s Maintenance team in Dundee picked up an assortment of litter that had been washed up on the shore, including old car tyres, yoghurt cartons, buckets and spades and oil containers.

    The idea of cleaning up the beach came from SGN Maintenance Manager John Forsyth. He said: “I was shocked by a documentary I saw on Sky a few weeks ago called The Plastic Whale. It was about a stranded whale whose stomach was found to be full of plastic packaging when they opened it up. 

    “A few weeks later, I saw a similar story on the BBC news about another whale stranded off the Isle of Skye that had four kilos of plastic debris recovered from its stomach. The fact that this happened so close to home made me determined to try and do something,” he said. “SGN gives everyone one day off each year to make a difference in their local community, so I had a chat with my team and we thought this would be a really good use of our time.” 

    John got in touch with the Fife Coast and Countryside Trust, which manages the beaches in Fife. They provided the team with refuse bags and also disposed of the rubbish the team managed to collect.

    The team walked nine miles in total, crossing from Lower Largo Beach onto Shell Bay, as John explained: “Lower Largo wasn’t too bad, but when we got to Shell Bay, it was littered with debris,” he said. “We collected almost 15 rubbish bags full and a lot of it was made of plastic, which is a real hazard to marine life, so we really felt as though we’d made a difference.

    “It was also a great day out for the whole Maintenance team. The weather was unusually good and after we’d finished, we had a barbeque on the beach – and took our rubbish with us of course!”


     An image showing one of the car tyres found and disposed of by our team.Just one of the car tyres found and disposed of by the team. Pictured L-R are: Greg Mitchell, James Robson, Daniel Doogan, Robert Nicol.