• SGN Press release


    Horley animal lovers lend a hand at Edenbridge rescue home


    11 August 2017 

    SGN volunteers pose with Staffordshire terrier Buster at Last Chance Animal Rescue

    Animal-loving volunteers from our Horley head office were in their element when they spent the day helping out at the Last Chance Animal Rescue home in Edenbridge. 

    Last Chance Animal Rescue is a Kent-based charity which rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes dogs, cats and rabbits. A high proportion of its residents are dogs which the charity saves from ‘death row’ in Welsh pounds, and for whom the rescue centre truly is their last chance. 

    Four volunteers from our Horley Connections team spent the day at the rescue home. As well as helping with fun chores like walking and playing with the dogs, they also rolled up their sleeves to tackle some of the more essential tasks such as cleaning out kennels, painting kennel walls and washing the rescue home’s vans. 

    The group offered their support to the charity as part of our Community Action Programme (CAP) which gives every employee one day a year on company time to make a difference in their local community.

    Horley Connections Process Assistant Meagan Dorney, who organised the volunteering day, said: “Some of our colleagues helped out at the rescue home last year and had a great time, so when we were discussing what we’d like to do for this year’s CAP day, the decision was unanimous.

    “We all thoroughly enjoyed our time there. The animals are all such characters it’s hard to understand how anyone could abandon them. While we were cleaning the kennel windows, for instance, two of the dogs kept passing their ball under the gate for us to throw for them.

    “My favourite Last Chance resident was Buster, a 14-year-old Staffordshire terrier. Staffies get a bad press, but he was so gentle and affectionate. If I didn’t work full-time I would’ve be tempted to take him home with me right there and then.”

    Susan Anderson, Office Manager at Last Chance Animal Rescue, said: “It was a pleasure to have SGN helping out for the day; it’s so lovely for the animals to have some extra fuss and attention. At Last Chance we always welcome volunteers coming in to help walk our dogs, or business groups looking to do something a bit different for the day. Anyone interested in helping out can get in touch via our website."