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    Community centres get a festive makeover with help from Horley volunteers


    28 December 2017 


    Connor Habbishow and Jody Williams tidy up the children’s play area

    Eight volunteers from our Horley head office brought festive cheer to two local community centres by creating Santa’s grottos and giving the centres’ toys, play areas and gardens a thorough clean.

    The community centres, in Crawley and Horsham, are run by community-based charity The Springboard Project. The charity provides inclusive play and leisure opportunities for families with young children and fun short breaks for children and teenagers with disabilities.

    The volunteers spent three days at the centres, working like the busiest of Santa’s elves to carry out a variety of tasks. They helped put up Christmas decorations and created Santa’s grottos at both centres. Su Parrish, Service Delivery Manager at The Springboard Project, said: “We really appreciate the help that all the volunteers gave over the three days. We were so pleased to have help with decorating both centres for Christmas – it all looks very festive now.”

    Our team offered their help to the charity as part of our Community Action Programme (CAP) in which all our employees are given a day off work on company time every year to help make a difference in their local community.

    Admin Assistant Jody Williams had the tough task of cleaning the toys in the children’s play area. She said: “I think what made this particular task rewarding was knowing that the staff didn’t have a lot of time in their day to get things like this done. It was nice to know we made things a little bit easier for them, allowing them to focus on the amazing work they do.”

    Not content with sprucing up the inside of the centres, our team ventured into the gardens to sweep up the leaves, collecting an impressive total of 19 bags! They also took a trip to a nearby supermarket to raise awareness of the charity. Josie O’Hara, who helped by giving out leaflets, said: “We gave out some leaflets about The Springboard Project hoping to encourage more people to visit the centre and make the most of the support available to them.”