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    Dunfermline depot fast-track cycle trail for Seamab School pupils 

     06 June 2017


     170608-Dunfermline-depot-create-Seamab-cycle-trackOur team show off the new cycle trail to staff at Seamab School.

    Pupils of Seamab, a school and residential care complex in Kinross, are riding high this week after volunteers from our Dunfermline depot created a cycle track for them in their school grounds.

    Seamab is a small residential primary school in Rumbling Bridge, near Kinross, which cares for, and educates vulnerable children aged between five and thirteen who have experienced trauma or loss in their lives. Pupils live in three bungalows, each with five single bedrooms and separate staff facilities, set in private woodland five minutes away from the school building.

    Over the course of a week, 32 employees from our Dunfermline depot spent time creating a cycle trail in the woodland area. After marking out the route for the trail, they used a mini digger to excavate the top layer of soil and replaced it with tarmac. They also created features as part of the track, including a bridge and some small jumps. 

    Our contractors, keen to get involved in the project, donated equipment and supplies free of charge: GAP Hire gave the team the use of a one-tonne dumper truck for the week, Purvis Group donated 25 tonnes of tarmac planings and Travis Perkins donated the wooden posts needed to construct the track features.

    The project was driven by two members of our Dunfermline team, Mark Bell and Scott Henderson, both of whom are keen off-road cyclists. Mark said: “Knowing the difficult start these children have had in life, and with my keen interest in mountain biking, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to give something back to them.

    “The school gave us a rough idea of the route they wanted the cycle track to take and we built on that, adding in a couple of small jumps, a bridge and some other features of our own.

    “Scott and I stayed there the whole week, overseeing the work as well as mucking in ourselves. I was amazed when we managed to finish within a week – it hadn’t seemed possible when we first arrived.

    “The children were over the moon with what we’d done – and very keen to try out their new track. Their only criticism was that they would’ve liked the jumps to be bigger!”

    Seamab Chief Executive Joanna McCreadie said: “Outdoor education and activity is a huge part of life here at Seamab, and our children have really benefited from learning to ride mountain bikes, which are great for their self-esteem and confidence, not to mention their balance. 

    “They've been enjoying days out around Scotland, but of course they want to be cycling while they're here at the school and care complex too. The mountain bike trail created by the SGN team looks amazing and the children have thoroughly enjoyed testing it out! 

    “We're so grateful to SGN for their ongoing friendship and support, and for the hard work that has gone into creating something really meaningful for the children."

    Over the last few years, we’ve carried out several projects at Seamab School. In 2015, we created a yurt within the school grounds to be used as an outdoor classroom, as well as being a safe and relaxing space for the children. Most recently, in April this year, we installed new car parking spaces in the school grounds.