• SGN Press release


    Dumfries depot volunteers improve garden access for care home residents


    12 September 2017 

    The SGN team standing alongside the newly-painted fence

    Elderly residents of Charnwood Lodge in Dumfries are finding it easier to get out and about in the care home’s grounds after a team of volunteers from our local depot laid new pathways to improve disabled access.

    Twelve volunteers from our Dumfries depot spent two days at the care home, laying paving-stone pathways through the garden to improve access for residents who walk with a frame or need a wheelchair. While there, they also painted fences around the garden’s border.

    The finished pathway through the garden at Charnwood Lodge care home

    The finished pathway through the garden

    Charnwood Lodge is a 60-bed residential care home in Dumfries that provides specialist nursing care to older people and those living with dementia. The idea of offering support to the care home came from one of our depot team, Robin Armstrong, whose mother is a resident there.

    Robin said: “Our company runs a scheme in which everyone gets one day out of the office each year to help in their local community. When I offered to help out at Charnwood Lodge, Kerry, the care home manager, was delighted.

    “We had a great time, and it was really nice for the whole team to work together in an informal environment. The care home staff were over the moon with what we’d managed to do, and when I was there visiting my mum on Sunday, everyone I met commented on it.”

    Kerry Higgins, Care Home Manager for Charnwood Lodge, said: “The SGN team were fantastic and worked so hard over the two days that they were with us.  The improvements they made to our garden will make a massive difference to the lives of the people we support.”