• SGN Press release


    Silver award from Ministry of Defence for armed forces support

    27 September 2017 



    General Manager Simon Russell from our Sussex depot collects the award on board HMS Victory.

    At a ceremony on board HMS Victory earlier this month, we were among just 20 employers from across the UK presented with a Silver award by the Ministry of Defence for our support of our armed forces.

    The Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) encourages employers to support those who serve in the forces and inspire other organisations to do the same. The scheme encompasses bronze, silver and gold awards for organisations that pledge, demonstrate or advocate support for the armed forces community.

    Our Silver award status means we have not only demonstrated our support for service personnel and employ people with military backgrounds, but we also show flexibility to our employees with armed forces training commitments, such as military reservists and adult volunteers involved in cadet forces. As a company, we also signed the Armed Forces Covenant – a promise ensuring that those who serve or who have served, and their families, are treated fairly.

    Alongside his day job at SGN, our Senior Engineering Design Manager Russell Goodayle is also a senior volunteer with the Royal Air Force Air Cadets. Russell said: “SGN’s flexible leave arrangements have allowed me to attend various camps, training courses, meetings and functions in support of my current senior volunteering role as Officer Commanding Kent Wing Royal Air Force Air Cadets. This flexibility has also helped many fellow Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs) do tremendous work with the young people in our communities and my reservists colleagues go on to achieve great things with the regular armed forces at home and abroad.

    “Employers supporting the armed forces, reserves and cadet forces benefit from the vast skillset that the ex-military personnel, reservists and CFAVs bring to the workplace. The support of their employer is essential to allow them to undergo training and to maximise their professionalism in their additional and voluntary roles.”

    General Manager Simon Russell from our Sussex depot collected the award on board HMS Victory. Simon said: “Receiving this award on behalf of SGN, in the presence of senior figures from the military, was a real honour. It was even more special as it took place on HMS Victory, in the shadow of the newest addition the fleet, HMS Queen Elizabeth.

    “Understanding that SGN supports reservists, adult volunteers and employees from a military background makes me proud to receive the award on everyone’s behalf.”