• SGN Press release

    Launching the first collaborative Gas Network Innovation Strategy 


    9 April 2018


    Our Real-Time Networks project is one of our leading Network Innovation Competition projects. It has the potential to make gas supplies more secure and affordable. 

    Together with our fellow gas distribution network companies, National Grid Gas Transmission and the Energy Networks Association (ENA), we have launched the first joint Gas Network Innovation Strategy which sets out our future innovation plans.   

    Since 2004, over 1,300 innovation projects have been delivered across both gas and electricity networks. These projects are already helping energy networks like us identify new ways of better serving our customers by helping us develop quicker, more efficient and cheaper ways to deliver a cleaner energy system. 

    The Gas Network Innovation Strategy sets out shared areas of focus where we, alongside the other network companies, can provide continuing benefits to our customers from innovation projects. It also illustrates how we will share the lessons learnt from those projects with other organisations to roll out the benefits more widely and better shape future innovation.

    We believe the existing gas infrastructure has a continuing role to play in meeting demand for power, heat and transport in a low-carbon economy. The strategy identifies the most important opportunities and challenges facing the gas industry, and how we will focus our innovation efforts around these seven themes: the future of gas; safety and emergency; reliability and maintenance; repair; distribution mains replacement; environment and low carbon; and security. 

    ENA Chief Executive David Smith explained: “Decarbonisation, digitisation and decentralisation are driving revolution in the energy sector, and our energy networks are on the frontline of delivering the kind of world-leading innovation that is making that happen. The publication of the first joint Network Innovation Strategies is a major milestone and we look forward to working with our innovation partners to ensure our network infrastructure, our wider energy system and our customers benefit from new technology, business models and unique opportunities.”

    Further details can be found in the ‘At a glance’ guide to the strategy and in the full Gas Network Innovation Strategy