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    You will receive compensation for the time you were without your gas supply, as agreed with the energy regulator Ofgem. If you’re without gas for more than 24 hours, you will receive £30 compensation per household for each complete 24-hour period you had no gas. This compensation is paid through your supplier and will appear as a credit on your next bill. There is no need to apply for this as it’s paid automatically. If you’re not sure who your supplier is, you can find their name on the top of your gas bill. It usually takes four to five weeks for your compensation to be processed. However, it can sometimes take up to three months to show on your account, depending on your supplier’s billing cycle.




    Electric hotplates and heaters are available for those who need extra support while we restore gas supplies, such as the elderly, disabled, chronically sick, and those with young children. Please speak to our teams on site or call our 24-hour Customer Service team on 0800 912 1717.

  • Did you know we have a free messaging system to update you about gas incidents in your area? Sign up for SGN Alert.