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    SGN is a leading partner in the UK’s first and longest running commercial biomethane project at Poundbury in Dorset, and also Scotland’s first biomethane production facilities in Coupar Angus, Perth and Girvan, South Ayrshire.

    Are you a biogas producer? Do you want to develop a biogas project?

    Please email SGNGasEntryPoints@sgn.co.uk or call Joel Martin (0131 469 1809) or Bharath Devaiah (07970 130609).

    You can also email SGNGasEntryPoints@sgn.co.uk  for further details if you wish to progress a minimum connection and connect to our network.

    If you have a general interest in our biogas projects, there's more information about our 'green gas' strategy here.


    Portsdown Hill Entry Facility


    We are pleased to announce that access to additional downloading stanchions at the facility are now available through two connections offerings.

    Following acceptance of the offer, the day-to-day site management and access to the facility will be carried out under the guidelines set out in our document, Compressed Gas Access Code for Trailer Downloading for the Portsdown Hill Entry Facility.

    Each company wishing to inject gas into our network must sign a Network Entry Agreement which sets out the operational and technical requirements of the connection to ensure compliance with our Regulatory and Health and Safety obligations.

    Should you be interested in receiving an offer letter or would like further information please contact Joel by phone or email.

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    Free or discounted gas connections are sometimes available for low income customers through our Help to Heat scheme. Click here for more information.