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    Gender pay gap report


    Gender pay reporting is a legal requirement for organisations with over 250 employees to publish details of the gap in both pay and bonuses between their male and female employees. 

    HR & Services Director Kate Naylor commented: “This is an important report which confirms our total commitment to ensuring no-one is put-off working at SGN because of perceived diversity or fairness issues. The ageing workforce in our sector means we face a skills gap over the next five to ten years which makes it crucial we widen our pool of candidates to include women at all levels and ensure we hang on to female talent. We’ve started to make some positive changes, but accept change will take time. We are however, committed to building a more diverse SGN and creating a culture of inclusion where everyone, regardless of difference, is valued. ”

    The SGN gender pay gap report can be viewed below in full. 

    Gender pay gap report (2017)