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    Interruption tender results


    Due to the inability to acquire sufficient interruptible capacity, no DN Interruptible Summary Reports will be published by SGN for the 2018 Annual Interruption Tender.

    In accordance with Unified Network Code, Transportation Principle Document Section G (Supplies) paragraph 6.4.3, the summary report by location (SRL file) relies on there being awarded contracts for at least three (3) Users in a location to ensure a level of anonymity. As there were no contracts awarded, this criteria was not met and therefore the SRL file cannot be issued.

    SGN will continue to invite tenders in future years. The next annual tender window is in June 2019.

    In the meantime if you require any further assistance please contact either: Leyon Joseph on 02380 816730 or Scott Duncan on 01293 818256 or e-mail  network.capacity@sgn.co.uk.



    Tenders, results and further information


    Download all our archived tenders as a single .zip file