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    Interruption reform


    Please note that the information on these pages is only relevant to shippers and consumers whose annual gas consumption exceeds 5,860,000 kWh per annum (which excludes all domestic consumers).

    Ofgem directed that from 1 April 2008 Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) revise the operation of interruption capacity as part of the reform of the Uniform Network Code (UNC), allowing DNOs to determine interruptible LDZ capacity requirements within specific geographic zones and to provide network users with the opportunity to request their preferred interruptible terms.  This reform is known as the 'Revised DN Interruption Arrangements' and is designated as the Modification Proposal 0090.


    How does it work? 

    The modification introduced a tender arrangement for interruptible LDZ capacity within the DN with offers selected on the basis of economically and efficiently meeting our capacity requirements. From October 2011, all sites will be considered firm, paying both commodity and capacity charges but with payments made to sites which are offered interruptible contracts based on an option and exercise regime. The option price will be a flat payment paid monthly in arrears when the contract comes into effect while the exercise price will be paid each time the site is interrupted. These sites help us to manage and operate the gas networks under high gas demand conditions by agreeing to cease using gas when requested to do so by us.


    4 to 15 June 2019: The window is now open
    Annual tender application dates, interruption offers are submitted during this period (ten business days).

    25 July 2019
    We will publish our 2019 tender result.

    Interruption requirements 
    The formal interruption zones and the requirements within these zones are now accessible via the zipped folder below. 


    Interruption Tender Process 


    We are now inviting interruption offers from users in SGN for an Interruption Tender, which is held over a ten-day business period from 3 to 14 June 2019.

    In the meantime if you require any further assistance please contact either: Leyon Joseph on 02380 816730 or Scott Duncan on 01293 818256 or e-mail  network.capacity@sgn.co.uk.


    Download all our tender documents as a single .zip file