• The rise and fall of the gas holder

     Southampton gas holder Southampton gas holder 

    Gas holders have had a visible presence across the British landscape since Victorian times, storing volumes of gas to satisfy the ever increasing demand for gas in towns across the UK.   

    The first gas holder was invented in 1824 and built in Leeds. Gas holders continued to be built across Great Britain throughout the nineteenth century and by the early twentieth century they became a feature in nearly every town.  

    With the discovery of natural gas in the North Sea in the 1960s, the need for local gas in towns across the country went into decline and so did the usefulness of gas holders. Following years of investment, upgrading gas networks and technology infrastructure, gas is now more efficiently stored in underground pipework and gas holders are no longer needed. 

    SGN own a total of 110 gas holders located across Scotland and southern England and are currently investing in a programme of dismantling and land regeneration.