• Roadworks


    We are currently working on a 30-year programme to replace all our metal pipes within 30 metres of property with new plastic pipes. The plastic pipes are more flexible and robust and if left undisturbed will last for decades, ensuring a continued safe and reliable gas supply for years to come.

    You will probably have seen us carrying out replacement work in your local neighbourhood. You may have also seen us doing this work in your street or outside your house.

    There is no ideal time for our planned work to be carried out and it may cause you some inconvenience. However, we pride ourselves on the work we do and will always strive to minimise the impact on residents, businesses and motorists. We’ll also do our best to keep customers informed. After all, the work we are planning is for your safety!

    While work is taking place in your area, please feel free to speak to engineers on site. They will be happy to try to address any concerns or requirements you or others may have about our work.

    Alternatively, you can get in touch with our customer service centre.

    There is no charge for our mains replacement work.

    The gas mains which need renewing are under roads and pavements. There are also other pipes known as ‘service pipes’ running from the gas mains to individual properties which need testing, and if necessary, replacing.

    Before we can begin work, we need to select the best method of renewing the pipes. We examine the position of the pipes, as well as the infrastructure of other utilities, such as water mains and electricity cables. We also liaise closely with organisations such as local councils so that our work can be scheduled to minimise disruption wherever possible.

    One of the ways in which we can reduce disruption is by inserting the new plastic pipe inside the old main, which means fewer holes in the ground. On the other occasions, we will need to dig a trench and directly replace the old main with the new pipe.