• Roadworks


    We look after more than 74,000 kilometres of pipes across our network. Making sure these pipes deliver your gas safely and reliably means that we need to upgrade or repair them at times. We know that roadworks can be frustrating, but our essential work keeps you, your family and local community safe. 

    You can find more about our work in your area by searching on roadworks.org (please note that this is a third party website).

    A map image which links to roadworks.org when it is clicked on. This site will allow you to find out more about our work in your area


    Major gas network upgrades


    We’re working on a 30-year programme to upgrade our gas network. We’re replacing old metal pipes with new plastic pipe to ensure homes and businesses in the south of England and across Scotland continue to receive a safe and reliable gas supply for years to come. Here’s some of our major upgrade projects: 

    Broadstairs, Albion Street

    Edinburgh, Broughton Street

    Edinburgh, Saughton Road North

    Erksine, Erskine Bridge

    Lambeth, A23 Brixton Road 

    Maidstone, Tonbridge Road

    Oxford, Banbury Road

    Peckham, Rye Lane

    Raynes Park, West Barnes Lane 

    West Malling, Malling Road

    Woldingham, Station Road


    You can find more information about all our other gas network upgrade projects at roadworks.org.



    Emergency gas pipe repairs


    When upgrading pipes or installing a new connection, we can plan the roadworks in advance. But when safety is at stake we must respond quickly and efficiently, and this may mean having to carry out streetworks at very short notice or at night. Safety is at the heart of all we do, but we’re sorry if our emergency repairs inconvenience you. 

    Monday 19 March - Carmunnock Road, Glasgow (G45)

    We're carrying out emergency repairs to our gas network at Carmunnock Road's junction with Dougrie Road in Castlemilk, Glasgow.

    For everyone's safety while we work, motorists will be unable to access Dougrie Road from Carmunnock Road. Vehicles will however be able to access Carmunnock Road from Dougrie Road.

    It's too early to say at this stage how long our work will take to complete however, the work is likely to continue throughout this week and into the weekend. We'll keep you updated with our progress.


    Friday 15 March - Natts Lane, Billingshurst

    We've completed our urgent repairs in Natts Lane following third party damage to our gas network on Wednesday 13 March.

    We're now working to reinstate Natts Lane between Stane Street and Kenilworth Place following our repairs. To ensure everyone's safety, Natts Lane remains closed to motorists while reinstatement work is carried out. A signed diversion route in place via the A29 and Marringdean Road.

    All being well, we expect to complete our reinstatement work on Wednesday 20 March when it will be safe to clear our barriers and reopen Natts Lane.

    Wednesday 13 March - Alder Road, Poole 

    We're carrying out emergency repairs to our gas main in Alder Road, near to its junction with Alder Crescent.

    Two-way temporary traffic lights are in place to ensure everyone's safety. We're aware this is a busy route and will be working extended hours to complete this work as soon as possible.

    Wednesday 13 March - Dock Street, Dundee 

    We are continuing emergency repair work to our gas main in Dock Street, Dundee. Our engineers have completed work in the nearby footpath, and are now working in the road between Gellaty Street and Trades Lane. 

    To ensure everyone's safety while we work, the northbound inside lane is closed between the two junctions.

    At the moment, it's too early to say how long our work will take to complete.


    You can find more details about all our other emergency repairs at roadworks.org.