• Emergency repairs


    Transporting gas is a day-to-day essential service. Pipelines are largely out of sight and mostly out of mind, but when repairs are needed or pipes need to be upgraded, we have to dig up roads or footpaths. When upgrading pipes or installing a new connection, we can plan the roadworks in advance, but when safety is at stake we must respond quickly and efficiently, and this may mean having to carry out streetworks at very short notice or at night.

    We are sorry about the inconvenience caused and thank road users for their patience while essential emergency works are carried out. 


    Friday 19 October - Station Road West, Oxted  

    Our engineers have completed emergency repairs to our gas main in Station Road West.

    We're close to completing our reinstatement and our four-way traffic lights at its junction with East Hill Road and Church Lane will be removed this evening.

    Friday 19 October - Wimbledon Park Road, Southfields 

    We’re continuing to carry out urgent work in Replingham Road and gas network upgrades to nearby pipes in Wimbledon Park Road.

    Our engineers completed repairs to our gas main in Replingham Road earlier this week and reinstatement is ongoing. Replingham Road remains closed between Wimbledon Park Road and Elsenham Street to ensure everyone's safety around our site. A signed diversion via Merton Road and Granville Road is in place for motorists. We expect to be able to clear our equipment from and safely reopen Replingham Road by Wednesday 24 October.

    We completed the installation of new gas mains along Wimbledon Park Road last week and work to restore the road surface to its original condition is continuing. The process to replace our excavations with tarmac can take up to two weeks. While our engineers carry out upgrades in Wimbledon Park Road, temporary three-way traffic lights remain in place at its junction with Augustus Road. We're continuing to monitor these traffic lights 24 hours a day to avoid any further disruption to motorists.

    Following the discovery of a gas leak on a nearby gas main in Wimbledon Park Road, we'll be shortly carrying out work to replace this section of our network from Wednesday 24 October. Our engineers will be working to resolve the leak, which is unconnected to our current work being carried out, further south on Wimbledon Park Road, adjacent to Sainsbury's. We have agreed to carry out this work from Wednesday 24 October with the local council, as it will take approximately two weeks to complete as opposed to approximately four weeks had we have left site. 

    Due to the additional work, we'll need to close Wimbledon Park Road from Wednesday 24 October at its junction with Augustus Road to past our new work area, for everyone's continued safety. A signed diversion via Victoria Drive will be in place for motorists while we carry out our work. Buses will also be diverted via Victoria Drive throughout. Delivery vehicles can continue to access local shops, but will be unable to drive through our works. The temporary traffic lights currently in operation on Wimbledon Park Road at the junction of Augustus Road will be removed on Wednesday 24 October ahead of the road closure being put in place.

    Thursday 18 October - A956 Wellington Road, Aberdeen  

    Our engineers are working to locate a gas leak in Wellington Road, near to its junction with Craigshaw Road. To ensure their safety while they work, a northbound lane in the road is closed, and there is no access from Wellington Road to Craigshaw Road. 

    We're working extended hours and hope to have found the leak before the weekend.