• Erskine Bridge Pipeline Replacement 


    erskine-bridge-copyright-baaker2009-creative-commons Erskine Bridge Copyright Baaker2009 from Dumbarton  (cc-by-2.0)


    Our main contractor, J Murphy and Sons Ltd, began work on Monday 5 March 2018 to replace two 1.5km 300mm diameter pipelines which are suspended within the deck structure of the Erskine Bridge crossing the River Clyde near Glasgow. The new pipeline will be 450mm in diameter and 1.9km long.

    Our work has been carefully planned to be carried out in phases to minimise inconvenience and keep traffic flowing. It has also been planned to ensure any local events taking place in the area will be unaffected by our work. 

    At times during the project there will be some diversions and road closures. When this happens, advance-notice signage will be put in place. There will be no interruptions to gas supplies because of these works. 

    Our usual working hours will be 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday and at the weekend until no later than 4pm. However, we may need to work longer hours as and when required. We are mindful of those people who live in the area, and will aim to keep noise to a minimum. 

    All businesses in the local area will remain open as usual. We do have a compensation scheme in place for small businesses which suffer genuine loss of trade because of our work. Packs are available from our website, sgn.co.uk (publications section). 

    We continue to liaise with local authorities and interested parties for all works on the project relating to construction, traffic management and protecting the environment. When we are working in historic areas such as the Antonine Wall, we employ an archaeologist to observe our excavations every step of the way to ensure any features and artefacts are recorded. 

    We had hoped our work would be completed in December 2018 however due to some of the challenging conditions we’ve encountered with the construction which included Horizontal Directional Drilling under the River Clyde, we’re running a few months later than we’d hoped. We anticipate work will now be completed in summer 2019. 

    We are sorry about any inconvenience our work causes and would like to thank road users and residents for their patience. This is a complex engineering project however, as always, we aim to minimise disruption whenever possible. 

    If you have any enquiries about this project, please call us on 01506 856633 during office hours (8am to 4pm) or 0800 912 1700 outside of office hours