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    Lane closure on 31 October

    The Erskine Bridge (A898) northbound inside lane and the slip road to A82 Crianlarich (towards Dumbarton) will be closed overnight on Wednesday 31 October, between 8pm and 6am. The diversion route is to continue on the A82 and following the road eastbound 1.9 miles to Kilbowie roundabout, taking the fifth exit to return to the A82 westbound. This is shown on our leaflet




    Project update: 26 October 2018

    Micro tunneling successfully completed 

    Micro-tunneling at Erskine Bridge

    Our micro-tunneling operation crossing below Old Kilpatrick Railway Station is complete and the micro tunnel boring machine has been successfully recovered from the reception shaft located to the rear of St Patrick’s Church. 

    During this part of our project, the work needed, for operational reasons, to be carried out in a continuous section which meant tunneling 24-hours a day. Wherever possible, our principal contractor J Murphy & Sons Ltd and our specialist sub-contractor Joseph Gallagher Ltd, tried to keep the disturbance for local residents to a minimum. We would all like to say a big thank you to the residents for their patience during this work. 



    Lane closure from 24 October to 1 November

    From Wednesday 24 October to Thursday 1 November between 7pm and 7am there will be an overnight road closure when access to the A82 eastbound slip road will be closed. The diversion via the A82 westbound slip, following the road to Bowling roundabout and returning eastbound on the A82 is shown in our leaflet here



    Project update: 8 October 2018

    To complete the replacement pipeline across the River Clyde, we will be installing the pipe up Station Road/Braes Road to our existing Transmission Reduction Station. This follows considerable investigation work and planning which has gone into finalising the route which has been agreed with Historic Environment Scotland which has issued scheduled monument consent for the works. 

    The pipe itself will mainly be laid outside the extent of the Antonine Wall however, to carry out the work safely, the work area will extend into the scheduled monument boundary. A short stretch of the pipe will be laid within the existing planting strip which has been previously disturbed during the original construction in the early 1970s. Murphy, the principal contractor working on our behalf will lay mats to protect the ground and follow strict work methods, under the supervision of an archaeologist where required. We care for the environment, doing all we can to reduce our impact and we believe this solution protects not only road users, but also the heritage of the site. 



    Project update: 4 October 2018

    Lane closure on Thursday 4 October

    The Erskine Bridge (A898) northbound inside lane and the slip road to A82 Crianlarich (towards Dumbarton) will be closed between 8pm on Thursday 4 October until 6am on Friday 5 October. 

    A map of the diversion route (continuing via the A82 Glasgow and following the road eastbound for 1.9 miles to Kilbowie roundabout and taking the fifth exit to return to the A82 westbound) is shown on our attached leaflet.



    Project update: 11 September 2018

    Our new pipeline is now in place below River Clyde

    We achieved a major milestone earlier this week when we pulled the new pipeline into place below the River Clyde, the Forth, Clyde Canal and the Saltings Nature Reserve. It's been a tremendous effort from our team of engineers throughout this complex engineering project.

    Our work continues now, as we prepare to cross below Kilpatrick Train Station.




    Project update: 6 September 2018

    New pipeline being pulled into place below River Clyde

    Preparation is now underway to pull the new pipeline into place below the River Clyde. Once this is complete, the casing which was installed at the drill site behind St Patrick’s RC Church at the start of the works, prior to drilling, will be removed. 

    This may require us to use the same equipment we used for the installation which again will be a noisy operation. We anticipate the works will be completed within a few days. We plan to continue with the same working hours 7am to 7pm, however we may need to work outside these hours for a short time.

    We appreciate your patience during this time.




    Project update: 24 August 2018

    Horizontal Directional Drill reaches south side of the River Clyde 

    After contending with some challenging ground conditions, we’re happy to report our HDD drill has successfully reached the south side of the River Clyde, meeting the first of a number of key milestones for the project. 

    Further challenges still lie ahead as work continues. We will continue opening the drilled hole wider in order to pull the welded pipe string into place and before doing this we need to carry out pressure testing on the pipe strings. 


     Horizontal Directional Drill reaches south side of the River Clyde



    Project update: 25 June 2018

    Project visits  

    It has been a busy week for visits to our Erskine Bridge pipeline replacement project. On Wednesday 20 June, we hosted 16 members of the Scottish Section of the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) for a technical visit. Following a short presentation, they were given a tour of the micro-tunnel site and the HDD drill site. 

    On Friday 22 June we welcomed the crew of White Watch from Renfrew Community Fire Station to be briefed on access to each work site, hazards, COSHH stores, etc should they ever need to attend in an emergency.

     SGN-Erskine-Bridge-Renfrew-Community-Fire-Station  The crew of White Watch from Renfrew Community Fire Station



    Project update: June 2018

    Drilling starts at Erskine Bridge 


    Drilling at Erskine Bridge

    Our project is gaining momentum with the horizontal directional drilling operation underway. Stretching from St Patrick’s Church in Old Kilpatrick to Mar Hall Golf Course, the route of the replacement pipeline will cross below the Forth and Clyde Canal at Lock 37, a disused railway, The Saltings Nature Reserve and the River Clyde. 

    To support the drill entry, a 70m metal casing was installed. This was a noisy operation and we would like to thank residents and businesses for their patience as we carried out this work