• Contractors/third parties

    Before starting any work, whether on the public highways or on private land, it's vitally important you have complied with legislation and follow safe digging practices in accordance with HSE publication HSG47 Avoiding Danger from Underground Services to check the position of  the mains, pipes, services and other apparatus on site. 

    It's your responsibility to ensure safety information and guidance is provided to all relevant people (direct labour or contractors) working for you on or near the gas pipelines.

    There should be no mechanical excavation above or near the gas main amd you should confirm the exact position of the main using hand dug trial holes.


    Need pipeline location maps? 


    Please visit linesearchbeforeudig.co.uk, where you can register for our online service and view our gas pipe locations. 


  • General safety measures booklet


    Measures to avoid injury and damage to pipes
    Dig safely

    Work at residential properties


    Read our safety leaflet before starting:
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