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    If you're planning home improvements, building an extension or conservatory, planting trees, fencing or driveway work, you need to find out the location of any utilities that may be in or around your property.

    It's important you know the location of any pipes so they can be safely worked around. Damage could result in injury, fire or explosion.

    Before starting any work or instructing a company to work on your behalf, you must request maps/drawings of any known utilities such as gas pipes and electric cables. You must follow safe digging practices in accordance with HSE publication HSG47 Avoiding Danger from Underground Services.


    Need pipeline location maps?


    Please visit linesearchbeforeudig.co.uk, where you can register for our online service and view our gas pipe locations. 

    Do not build over or around our pipes. Our drawings/maps don't generally show service pipes to domestic properties, follow the information in the safety booklet below.  If you still require information please email plantlocation@sgn.co.uk and they will pass you over to a local plant protection officer who will be able to provide you with further advice if you are planning to build and you are unsure of where our pipes are.




    Please read our safety leaflet before starting:
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