• Landowners


    As a landowner with gas pipelines on your property, you should know exactly where they are and understand the importance of working safely when near them.

    These pipes usually operate at high pressure and SGN must verify the position of pipelines, mains, services and other apparatus on site before any work can start, in accordance with the safe digging practices in HSE publication HSG47 Avoiding Danger from Underground Services

    For your safety, it's essential no work or crossing of this high pressure pipeline is carried out until a detailed consultation has taken place. 

    You must contact SGN before starting any work on site.

    It's your responsibility to ensure safety information and guidance is provided to all direct labourers or contractors working for you, on or near the gas pipelines.

    There should be no mechanical excavation above or near the gas main and SGN must be able to gain access to our pipeline throughout your operations.


    Change of landowner


    If you sell your land or part of your land, information on the pipeline must be passed across to the new owner. Please advise SGN of any changes to landowner or tenant details:

    Scotland: scotland_comms_planninghub_sgn@sgn.co.uk

    07816 330 592 or 01382 882 980

    Southern: maintenance.land.owner.enquiries@sgn.co.uk

    01689 886 728

    Need pipeline location maps?


    Please visit linesearchbeforeudig.co.uk, where you can register for our online service and view our gas pipe locations. 



  • General safety measures booklet


    Measures to avoid injury and damage to pipes
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