• Dig safely 


    We own and operate 74,000 km of gas mains, associated plant and equipment across Scotland and the south of England (find out where we operate). 

    Part of our responsibility to deliver gas to our customers includes ensuring the safety of our asset network from accidental damage by third parties working near our pipelines. Damage to our network could lead to a fire, an explosion, or could cause loss of supply to the local community.

    Your responsibilities


    Before any work starts on a public highway or on private land, the person or company undertaking the work must follow safe digging practice. All excavation work must be in accordance with HSE publication HSG47 – it’s law. The HSE takes the view ‘assume pipes are present unless you have been shown otherwise’.

    People undertaking work must have utility drawings showing where underground pipes are and use location devices to locate and mark them. Once the position and route have been identified, excavation may go ahead, with trial holes dug (using suitable hand tools or vacuum excavation) as necessary, to confirm the position of any detected assets. Take special care when digging above or close to where you think the pipes are - unsafe digging can kill.

    As well as causing significant disruption and environmental damage, interfering with underground assets can also delay the project and incur considerable costs.

    If contractors are involved, it's your responsibility to ensure any safety advice, guidance and/or copies of gas maps are made available to them.

    Our process


    Our gas pipe locations are now available online at linesearchbeforeudig.co.uk. Not only can you access information about the location of our gas pipes in your proposed work area, but you can also search for information on other utility companies’ assets at the same time.

    All requests for maps and plant location information must now be submitted through this online service. 

    Please visit linesearchbeforeudig.co.uk, where you can register for our online service and view our gas pipe locations. 

    Our online service is not currently available in Northern Ireland. If you have emailed us about plant location or maps for Northern Ireland, we will respond to your email within 15 working days. 

    If you have any questions about our new plant location online service, please contact us on 0800 912 1722 or if you have any system queries contact Linesearch on 0845 437 7365.




    If you need any diversion costings, please contact either:

    Scotland: Diversions_Scotland@sgn.co.uk

    Southern: diversionssouth@sgn.co.uk


    Built over services


    Do not build over or around our pipes. Our drawings/maps don't generally show service pipes to domestic properties so please email plantlocation@sgn.co.uk for further advice if you are planning to build and you are unsure of where our pipes are.

    When we encounter built over service pipes, we will carry out a risk assessment. High risk situations, such as pipes operating at medium or intermediate pressure will be isolated immediately until the pipe and meter are altered to an external position. Lower risk situations, such as pipes operating at low pressure must be altered to an external position within 28 days. The costs associated with altering the service may be chargeable to the property owner.





    Contractors and third parties


    Local authorities

    Utility companies