• Keeping you safe and warm in winter



    We're dedicated to
    keeping you 
    safe and warm all
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    We're dedicated to keeping our customers safe and warm all year round, whatever the weather. However, cold and unpredictable winter weather can be particularly challenging for our customers. Our tips and advice will help you stay warm this winter. We’ve also put extra measures in place to keep our gas network up and running during adverse winter weather.


    How you can keep safe and warm this winter 


    • Keep an eye on the forecast and watch out for weather warnings from the Met Office
    • If cold weather comes, follow NHS advice to wear layers to keep warm and regularly have hot drinks. Try to check on your neighbours, especially if they could be particularly vulnerable in cold weather
    • Save the free emergency numbers to your phone – call 0800 111 999 in a gas emergency or call 105 in a power cut
    • Make sure you get your gas boiler and appliances serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer
    • Fit a carbon monoxide alarm – regularly test it and check its expiry date



    What to do if your boiler stops working in cold weather


    Check if your boiler’s condensate pipe has frozen. Cold weather can freeze the condensate pipe, which is the external pipe that takes condensation from your boiler to your drain outside. If you think your condensate pipe has frozen, watch this short video from HomeServe to find out how to safely thaw the pipe:



    If your boiler still doesn’t fire up after trying to thaw the condensate pipe, contact your gas supplier if you have home or boiler care cover. Alternatively, you can contact a Gas Safe registered engineer for assistance. You can find an engineer near you on the Gas Safe Register website. The National Gas Emergency Service won't be able to help with boiler or appliance issues.



    How we're prepared for challenging winter weather


    Whatever the weather, we operate the National Gas Emergency Service in the south of England and across Scotland. With much of our network of pipes buried underground, we’re well protected against extreme weather. However, we put additional measures in place to make sure we’re able to keep the gas flowing safely during adverse winter weather:


    • Winter tyres and snow socks for our operational vehicles
    • Extra 4x4 vehicles to help us reach remote locations and transport employees 
    • Extra front-line emergency engineers and support teams on standby
    • Helicopters on standby to check our high pressure pipelines






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    Our people always carry a laminated identity card. Stay safe. Phone SGN on 0800 048 2438 to verify your caller’s identity.