Gas Goes Green

A collaborative effort to deliver the world's first zero-carbon gas grid.

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Britain’s gas network connects around 23 million households through 284,000 km of pipelines. Keeping all of those customers safe and warm while cutting carbon will mean all of the gas networks working in close partnership.

That’s why we’re part of Gas Goes Green: a programme to deliver a net zero gas grid in the most cost-effective, least disruptive way possible. Together, we will overcome engineering challenges, develop new policies, and listen to businesses and consumers – so that we can provide our customers with clean energy, reduce carbon emissions, and deliver sustainable jobs and economic growth.

Our role in Gas Goes Green

We’re leading a trio of pioneering research projects that are helping the UK take strides towards a net zero gas network.

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Our H100 Fife project will build a world-first green hydrogen-to-homes network in Levenmouth, on Scotland’s east coast. Using offshore wind power to produce green hydrogen, the game-changing demonstration will provide crucial evidence to inform the wider rollout of 100% hydrogen for domestic heating ahead of the UK Government’s expected heat policy decisions in 2024-25.

The LTS Futures project is investigating the suitability of existing oil and gas infrastructure for transporting hydrogen and other green gases. Moving these substances across the network at scale is one of the big challenges as we move toward net zero: the work undertaken by this project will inform how quickly we transition to a cleaner, integrated energy system.

And the Aberdeen Vision project has investigated the requirements of new hydrogen networks and demonstrated the viability of injecting 2% hydrogen into the gas network, with a dedicated pipeline enabling the phased transfer of the Aberdeen region gas supply to 100% hydrogen.

Gas Goes Green Digital Hub

Launched alongside its 2021 activity rundown, the Energy Networks Association's Digital Hub brings together information and resources on all the work being carried out as part of the Gas Goes Green programme. Visit the Digital Hub to find out more about the scale of the hydrogen opportunity, what a hydrogen future holds for our homes and communities, and how we plan to get there.

Britain's Hydrogen Network Plan

Britain’s Hydrogen Network Plan sets out how the gas networks are collaborating to transition from delivering natural gas to hydrogen. Published in January 2021, it provides a roadmap towards blending up to 20% hydrogen in the gas grid by 2023, and for the UK’s first Hydrogen Town by 2030. It also shows how we will decarbonise hard-to-abate sectors like heating, industry and transport, and sets out the projects that the gas networks will deliver to enable a net zero gas grid and build a world-leading hydrogen economy. Download the report to find out more.