Erskine Bridge FAQs

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1. What are you going to be doing at Boden Boo?

We will be carrying out the replacement of gas pipelines which are currently suspended under the deck structure of the Erskine Bridge. Construction of the new pipeline under the River Clyde and either side of the bridge will include working within Boden Boo. 

2. Where will the works take place?

We will be working in several areas including Boden Boo Community Woodland, Erskine, St Patrick’s Church and Lusset Park, Old Kilpatrick. Further updates will be available as the project progresses.

3. When will the work start and when will it finish?

Work will begin in mid-February and, all being well, will be completed in December, 2018. 

4. Have you carried out an environmental determination?

Yes, an Environmental Determination was carried out and consent granted by Scottish Government Ministers for the project. Further environmental studies and reviews have taken place and will continue throughout the project. 

5. Will all the paths within Boden Boo remain open during the works?

Some paths on the higher level will be diverted but walkways will remain open within the woods. All diversions will be clearly marked when in operation. 

6. Will the paths around Lusset Park remain open during the works?

There will be access from Mount Pleasant Drive to the Bowling Club and Old Kilpatrick Railway Station leading to the western footpath on the Erskine Bridge at all times.

7. How will the site paths be left at the end of the works?

On completion of the construction works all diverted paths will be reinstated to the original standard. 

8. Will you need to cut down any trees within Boden Boo?

As a result of these works we will need to fell some trees and divert some paths within the woodland area, but the route has been developed to minimise the number of mature trees which will need to be felled. The felling will be kept to an absolute minimum and replacement tree planting will be carried out using native species. We are working closely with Forestry Commission Scotland regarding this. Prior to any felling or clearance, we carry out studies to check if any protected species are present eg nesting birds, bat roosts, badger setts, etc and take all necessary precautions to protect them. 

9. Will the trees need to be taken off-site?

Some felled trees will remain to form new habitats for wildlife within the woodland. Others will be cleared to ensure the safety of all users.

10. What types of trees will you be replanting?

A mix of native species will be planted within the woodland to replace the felled trees. 

11. Will there be ways for the local community to get involved?

For safety reasons, the work areas will all be fenced off and secured with no general access for members of the public. We are currently looking at various community initiatives and will share information on these when developed. There may be volunteering opportunities via Forestry Commission Scotland during the replacement tree planting. If you want to stay updated, sign up via the link below.

12. What if I want to find out more about the works?

Regular updates will be posted on our latest updates page. You can also register your interest and receive news updates and notifications about the work by visiting 

13. What if I have a specific enquiry about this project?

Please call our project liaison officer on 01506 856633 (8am to 4pm) or 0800 912 1700 outside of these hours.