Erskine Bridge: Boden Boo

As a company, we always aim to reduce our environmental impacts and enhance the sustainability of the way in which we operate.

During our project, we have been replacing gas pipelines currently suspended under the Erskine Bridge. Construction of the new pipeline under the River Clyde and either side of the bridge included working within Boden Boo. 

As a result, we needed to fell some trees and divert a section of path. 

We designed the route to keep tree felling to a minimum and will plant replacement trees using native species. During this time some of the footpaths on the higher level were diverted but remained open, with clearly marked diversions. worked closely throughout the project with the Forestry Commission Scotland (now Forestry & Land Scotland).  

Land within Boden Boo has now been reinstated. As we agreed with Forestry & Land Scotland any felled trees will be replanted with native species. This will be carried out by Forestry & Land Scotland at an appropriate time. The upgraded footpaths which were installed diverting walkers around our work area have had some chicanes added and these will remain as a permanent feature. 

Although we have a significant amount of work to carry out in this area, a much smaller work area is needed, so the perimeter fence has been pulled in and we have been able to open the area up to members of the public. 

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Media library image
A map showing Boden Boo. Minor path diversions will be in place. We will keep the site open and members of the public will be able to walk around our works.