iCore is an ongoing project designed to minimise disruption when replacing leaking or ageing pipes.

It is a keyhole technology that will mean less digging, less cost and less disruption.

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iCore demonstrated at industry event in Bauma, Germany

iCore demonstrated at industry event in Bauma, Germany

Why we need iCore

The existing pipes are made of metal with rubber joints, but these wear down and leak. ICore is part of a 30-year project to replace the 7,000km of smaller metal pipes (with a diameter of less than eight inches) within 30-metres of buildings. The new plastic pipes will be safer and more reliable, and will allow us to provide a better service.

We know how to do this already, but iCore will mean we can do it more quickly, and with less disruption to roads or people’s lives.

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What we’re doing

There are two phases to developing iCore. The first is all about designing, developing and making the technology that can install the new pipes that have a diameter of between 25mm and 90mm. The second does the same thing for pipes with a diameter between 63mm and 180mm inside existing pipes, through a 600mm hole created especially for the replacement project.

Why iCore matters

It will make our repairs and replacements faster, cheaper and more efficient, as well as better for the environment.

Once the technology is tried and tested, we can also use it to help other industries, such as water and telecommunications.

iCore partners

We’re working with TT-UK, Tracto-Technik UK and DNV GL to develop iCore

Tracto-Technik’s engineers are doing the design work in Germany, and TT UK are providing the project management and delivery work.

DNV GL is testing and providing advice at every phase of the project, to make sure we stick to all the required rules and regulations.