Our Environment Strategy

Our Environment Strategy is our all-encompassing action plan for becoming a net zero business.

It details the steps that we’ll take to cut our greenhouse gas emissions across both our networks to net zero by 2045, in line with the Scottish Government's target date for a net zero economy.

As well as working to decarbonise the UK’s gas network, we’ll work every day to reduce our own environmental impact. Whether that’s by reducing leakage from our pipes, using only 100% renewable energy or rolling out zero-emission vehicles, we’re committed to doing everything we can to ensure a greener, more prosperous future.

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Our five pillars

Our strategy is built around five pillars that demonstrate our long-term commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. They are:

Net zero business carbon emissions
We’ll reduce our carbon footprint to net zero by 2045.

Engaging with our supply chain
We’re changing the way we source goods to reduce their carbon impact, and helping our suppliers become more sustainable.

Boosting biodiversity
We’ll create more healthy green areas on our land, helping to improve air quality in our communities.

Transitioning towards a circular economy
We’ll use our resources efficiently across our business operations and infrastructure projects, reduce waste to landfill, and cut down on using virgin resources.

Supporting the transition to a hydrogen economy
We’ll work with industry and Governments to support the transition to a net zero gas network powered by hydrogen.

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Diagram explaining the five pillars that make up SGN's Environment Strategy,

Our Environment Strategy's five pillars.

Time for action

Every tonne of carbon cut counts. Our Strategy is aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and commits to 24 short-, medium- and longer-term actions that will cut our greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2045. They include:

Continuing our iron mains replacement programme
Replacing old iron gas mains with modern PE pipes doesn’t just cut down on methane leakage – our number one source of greenhouse gas emissions. It also gets our network ready to transport hydrogen and other green gases – a key component in our net zero future.

Procuring 100% certified renewable electricity
By 2022, we’ll use only 100% renewable electricity to power our offices and depots.

Developing biodiversity projects
Planting trees, creating parks, reversing species decline: wherever there’s an opportunity to open up land to communities and create green space, we’ll give biodiversity a boost by exploring and developing projects on our sites. 

Replacing our fleet with electric, hybrid or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
Reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from our vans, we aim to transition to a low-carbon commercial fleet: improving air quality and benefitting the communities we serve.

Our Environment Advisory Panel

We’ve convened an Environment Advisory Panel of sustainability experts to enhance our work and share best practice approaches to environmental challenges.

Chaired by Kathryn Dapré, Head of Energy and Sustainability at NHS National Services Scotland, the experienced Panel provides insight into the current and future needs of our stakeholders, customers and communities, and contributes with appropriate actions to improve our performance.