Bogus callers

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1. How do I check the engineer on my doorstep isn't a bogus caller?

All our employees and contractors wear a visible photo ID badge. You can call us for free on 0800 048 2438, day or night, to check they genuinely work for us. 

2. I have an engineer at my door and they told me they left their ID badge at home. What should I do?

Call 0800 048 2438 to check they work for us before letting them into your home. A genuine SGN employee or contractor won't mind you taking a few minutes to check their identity.


3. The engineer in my home is asking me to pay for the work. What should I do?

Our engineers and contractors would never ask you to hand over cash for any work. Please turn them away and immediately report this to the police. Alternatively, you can escalate this to our Customer Service team by calling us on 0800 912 1700. If in serious doubt, always call the police.