Future of gas

Gas is the fuel of choice for GB customers, meeting the heating needs of almost 85% of households.

Our current energy system is in transition. It’s changing in response to the UK’s commitment to addressing climate change by reducing emissions to net zero by 2050 (2045 in Scotland).

If our country is to meet its commitments, then the way that we heat our homes must change – we must adopt greener solutions – using greener gases like biomethane or hydrogen or switching to electricity generated from renewables. 
Our role is to work with customers, governments, other gas networks and across our whole system for energy, to develop a future decarbonised system that’s affordable, creates the least possible disruption and delivers the 2045/2050 carbon reduction targets that we’ve promised. We’re thinking ahead – far ahead- about what our role is and how we can play our part.

The UK’s gas networks have a significantly higher capacity for energy delivery (compared to the electricity grid), provide flexible storage and potentially open a route to a whole system approach to decarbonisation through hydrogen. 

We’re undertaking a series of research and development projects that aim to evidence the steps that lead to the decarbonisation of the gas network. In collaboration with other gas distribution networks and various project partners, these projects will stimulate and implement a net zero decarbonisation solution.

You can read more about our featured projects below.