Future of gas

We need to replace fossil fuels to meet net zero targets set by the UK and Scottish Governments. Home heating is one of our biggest challenges to achieve this because around 30% of our national carbon emissions comes from our buildings.

We’re going to need every tool in the box to decarbonise home heating, giving the millions of people impacted a choice in how they heat their homes in the future, leaving no one behind. As one of the UK’s gas distribution networks, we’re exploring different ways to do this.

Today, we deliver biomethane to homes across the south of England and Scotland and our ambition is to step that up in the coming years. We’re also investing in heat networks which will become a significant part of the decarbonised heat market in the UK. And one of the future options for customers, could be hydrogen.



Hydrogen is a clean burning alternative to fossil fuels which has a wide range of applications across energy sectors, including heat, power and transport. Green hydrogen can be created using clean energy like wind power, meaning there are no harmful carbon emissions involved.

We’re working alongside the other UK gas networks and the UK and Scottish Governments, to look into how we can repurpose the pipes we manage to deliver hydrogen instead of natural gas. Together, we’re building an evidence base for hydrogen which could shape the way we heat our homes in the future alongside other renewable technologies.


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