Our Future Thinkers Panel

Our Future Thinkers Panel is the voice of young people at SGN.

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A screengrab of a Zoom call between members of SGN's Future Thinkers Panel.

Our Future Thinkers Panel convenes to give vital insight on subjects from inclusive recruitment to the future of energy.


Made up of 14 – 16 year olds from across our network regions in Scotland and southern England, the Panel is an industry first, giving us the perspective of tomorrow’s customers and employees. It ensures young people are at the heart of our business, and has an influential voice in our decision-making on important issues like diversity and inclusion, our Environment Strategy, the future of energy, and safety and wellbeing.

Working with Solutions for the Planet, we recruited panel members representative of the communities we serve, with key interests in topics like climate change, future energy solutions and STEM careers.

Our Future Thinkers Panel will convene regularly, informing our decision-making and feeding into our future strategies. The Panel has so far met to give vital insight into how our recruitment strategy can be as inclusive as possible, and how we can keep people safe from carbon monoxide. We’re reviewing their feedback so that we can use it to make better decisions in future.

Meet our Future Thinkers Panel

Caoilainn, 15
From: Glasgow
Hobbies: Ballet, netball, baking
I joined the Future Thinkers Panel because: “I wanted to have a say in something that undoubtedly affects my generation and to improve my skills throughout this unique opportunity.”

Claire, 16
From: Livingston              
Hobbies: Cheerleading, cooking

I joined the Future Thinkers Panel because: “I wanted to work with people from across the country to shape how the future energy industry can work towards combatting climate change, becoming more environmentally friendly, and to gain an insight into how a large business works.”

Imogen, 14
From: Southampton      
Hobbies: Dancing, violin, piano

I joined the Future Thinkers Panel because: “I want different generations to give their view on combatting climate change and we’ll be the next to take up jobs in these sectors, so it’s an amazing opportunity to have a say now. I also want to have more insight into a large company and I’m intrigued by SGN’s ethics of inclusion of all people regardless of race, gender, sexuality, age and experience.”

Jenna, 16
From: Glasgow                
Hobbies: Athletics, baking

I joined the Future Thinkers Panel because: “I really enjoy STEM subjects at school – particularly how maths and science can help solve some of the world’s biggest problems. I also wanted to meet like-minded people who want to cause change.”

Kareena, 14
From: London                   
Hobbies: Playing music, reading

I joined the Future Thinkers Panel because: “I wanted to join the Panel to help make a positive impact on the future and further my personal growth.”

Martyna, 14
From: Southampton      
Hobbies: Swimming

I joined the Future Thinkers Panel because: “I think it’s important that SGN is trying to make a difference.”

Maxwell, 16
From: Glasgow                
Hobbies: Bridge, rugby, running

I joined the Future Thinkers Panel because: “I want to understand the way an engineering and science-based business operates.”

Sanjana, 16
From: London                   
Hobbies: Dancing, gaming, coding, reading

I joined the Future Thinkers Panel because: “I love debating, presenting and the idea of a panel where I can discuss important issues that affect us socially and environmentally with a group of likeminded people. I also have a passion for problem-solving and computer science, therefore working in a team to analyse and solve issues seemed like something I would be interested in.”