GT1 requests

Household and business customers can apply for a GT1 request. A GT1 is a request for gas service pipe pressure and capacity information.

If you intend to increase the volume of gas to your property, a GT1 will be required to check if the current service is adequate, or if a capacity increase will be required.  A GT1 can also be submitted to obtain your service pipe pressure information


SGN offer a pressure and capacity information service to assist customers in establishing the installed or planned capacity of a gas supply pipe and the operational pressures of gas in our network.

Capacity information provided to customers will be for indicative purposes only. It does not confirm the availability of gas and does not reserve any capacity in our network.

How to request capacity and pressure information

If you intend to increase your gas load and you require SGN to check the available capacity and/or pressure of your existing service, you need to complete and submit a GT1 request. You can download a GT1 request form below

Please email your completed form to If you require assistance completing the form, our GT1 application guide has information to help.

What happens next?

Step 1: Booking
Once we receive your GT1 request it will be booked on to our database and we'll look at all the information you have provided to us. Your request will be rejected if any of the minimum required information is missing – for example, your meter point reference number (MPRN) or energy requirements (hourly gas load). If your request is rejected you'll need to confirm the missing information, edit your request form and resubmit.

Step 2: Is a site visit required?
We'll look at our records and decide if a site visit is required. Up to 70% of GT1 requests require a site visit.

Step 3: Site visit
If a survey of the site is required we'll send a survey request to the SGN depot nearest to your site. The depot planner will forward your request to a surveyor who'll book a date and time with the site contact, normally within five working days of receiving the GT1 request, although this timescale may vary. We'll process the GT1 completion once the site visit and survey has been completed.

Step 4: GT1 completion
The GT1 completion will normally be processed within 10 to 15 working days of receiving your request, although this timescale can vary. GT1 completions are produced in date order although this does not mean a request will be processed quicker if a survey is not required. If your request is rejected due to missing minimum information, your request received date will be taken from when we received the revised GT1 request.

Urgent requests

Please inform us when submitting your GT1 request if it is urgent as we can fast track some projects if an in-depth valid reason is given. For example, this might include a customer with young children or elderly family members living in a property with a temporarily isolated gas supply. Requests where the customer forgets to submit the GT1 form or is seeking preferential treatment will not be considered urgent. 

Get in contact

If you’d like further information about submitting a GT1 request, please send an email to or call the team on 0800 975 1346 (Option 4) Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm.