SGN Metering

We provide a first class meter asset management service while growing our business portfolio and exceeding our customers' expectations. 

Our metering team is based in Horley, Surrey and provides operational and administration services for a number of metering activities, including:

  • Domestic, industrial and commercial contracts, including a smart metering contract with SSE.
  • Daily and non-daily metered datalogger activities.
  • Post-emergency metering services, invoicing and invoice queries on behalf of the distribution network.

We also provide performance metrics to internal and external parties.

Gas transporters or suppliers requiring further information should contact

Please note: SGN is a gas distribution company. We don't maintain your meter or send bills for the gas you use in your property. That's your gas supplier's responsibility.

If you need to know your meter point reference number (MPRN), you can use the online Find My Supplier tool to gain quick access to your MPRN, gas supplier and gas transporter details:

Alternatively, call the meter point reference line operated by Xoserve: 0870 608 1524 (domestic properties) or 0121 260 2891 (commercial) or 0121 260 2890 (shippers only).

Meter Asset Management (MAM) documents

If you are a supplier and require MAM documents, please contact our Metering team via

Meter Pulse Utilisation (MPU) documents

If you are a supplier and require MPU documents, please contact our Metering team via  

Metering charges

Our metering charges letters are available under the Metering heading on our Reports and Publications page.