UK gas networks partner with Scouts to raise awareness of carbon monoxide

01 Feb 2022

The UK’s gas companies have partnered with The Scout Association to help educate young people about the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO), and how to keep themselves and their families safe from the ‘silent killer’.

Over the coming three years, SGN, Wales & West Utilities, Cadent and Northern Gas Networks will be working with Scouts to launch activities for all age groups between 6–18-year-olds, helping them to understand the signs of CO, the symptoms of CO poisoning, and what steps to take if they think the poisonous gas is present in their homes.

Carbon monoxide is known as the ‘silent killer’ because you can’t see, smell, taste or hear it and can kill very quickly without warning. The symptoms of CO poisoning are very similar to flu and can often be mistaken for the common cold. The partnership aims to give as many people as possible the knowledge they need to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

Four activities have already been created for Beavers (6-8 years) and Cubs (8-10 years), and plans are already in the pipeline for Scouts (10-14 years), and Explorers (14-18 years). Cubs will now be able to earn their Cubs Home Safety Activity Badge, which has been sponsored by the gas networks, when learning how to prevent accidents in the home and gaining knowledge on what to do if they occur.

Through the partnership, training and guidance will be provided for adult volunteers about CO safety, so they are better equipped to teach the young people in their groups, and to make sure everyone stays safe in meeting places and on camps.

SGN’s Social Impact Programme Lead Dan Edwards, said: “We’re thrilled to be working with Scouts to teach more young people across the UK about carbon monoxide. By partnering with The Scouts Association and sponsoring the Cubs Home Safety Activity Badge, we know these young members will be actively making sure their homes are safe from CO and any other potential dangers to gain their new badge

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Cub Home Safety Badge

Cub Home Safety Badge

"Throughout the partnership, we’ll be launching more activities for Beavers and Cubs, as well as activities for Scouts and Explorers, meaning we can reach even more young people and their families and give them the knowledge they need to stay safe in their homes all year round. Activities will include instructions on how to maintain the audible CO alarm in your home, which is one of the simplest ways to keep your household safe. You should always make sure your CO alarm is batteries are tested regularly, and that the alarm is replaced if it comes to the end of its useable life.”

Simon Carter form Scouts said: “Carbon monoxide safety is something everyone should know something about. The expertise that the UK gas companies have fed into the programme activities that we have developed in partnership with them means we’ve been able to create something that’s fun to use, engaging and potentially lifesaving. Through this partnership, we can equip over 350,000 young people with important skills that may one day save a life.”

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