A904 Bo’ness Road - LTS Futures

As part of a pioneering project to repurpose our natural gas pipelines for hydrogen, we will shortly begin work on the A904 Bo’ness Road

Hydrogen offers a way to achieve the scale and volumes needed to deliver zero-carbon heat and transport energy. Our LTS (Local Transmission System) Futures project aims to validate the compatibility of using the existing gas network to carry hydrogen, by repurposing a 30km natural gas pipeline between Grangemouth and Granton that's no longer in use, paving the way for hydrogen transportation on a national scale.

After consultation with Falkirk Council, the construction phase of our project will commence in early May. It will involve the building of a new 1.2km hydrogen supply pipeline, linking the existing Grangemouth to Granton pipeline to the hydrogen source at the INEOS Grangemouth facility. All being well, this should take approximately six months to complete.

During the initial two weeks of work, trial holes will be dug around our work area to provide our specialist engineers with insight into the ground conditions. This will allow engineering work to safely begin from Wednesday 15 May, when a rolling lane closure on the A904 Bo’ness Road will be implemented.

Construction work will begin just west of INEOS Gate 7, where a temporary compound will be built. The new hydrogen supply pipeline will progress east along the A904 Bo’ness Road, crossing the River Avon bridge and travel along the A904 Grangemouth Road, before completing within INEOS Forties Pipeline System (FPS) facility.

Temporary traffic lights will be in place for the duration of the project to ensure continued traffic flow in both directions of the A904. The temporary lights will be manually controlled during peak travel periods to reduce disruption as much as possible.

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A904 Bo'ness Road project map

Project work area map

The support of the Grangemouth community and beyond is invaluable as we work together to build a sustainable future. We'd like to thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we carry out this world first project.

You'll find more information on our LTS Futures project by clicking here.