Ferndown, Christchurch Road

Our engineers have been on site at the Longham Roundabout in Christchurch for several weeks investigating a series of ongoing gas leaks to the metal gas main located at the roundabout.

Over the last year, we’ve attended leaks in various locations on this section of our network, carrying out disruptive emergency repairs to keep everyone safe.

We can no longer continue to carry out repairs and need to replace this section of gas main.

Following our investigations, we’ll be replacing approximately 100m of metal gas pipe with new plastic pipe which will minimise the risk of needing future repairs.

Due to the complexity of the engineering work required and the location of the gas main in the road, we’ll need to have road closures in place as follows:


Phase one: Christchurch Road closure from Wednesday 27 September to Thursday 30 November

We’ll be digging into the road and installing the new gas main from the junction with the roundabout approximately 100 metres along Christchurch Road. For everyone’s safety, we’ll need to temporarily close the junction of Christchurch Road with the Longham roundabout. There will be no vehicle access to/from Christchurch Road during this road closure.

There will be a signed diversion route in place via Christchurch Road, New Road and Ringwood Road.


Update: 22 November - phase two no longer required

We are pleased to announce our urgent gas main replacement work taking place on the Longham Roundabout, Christchurch Road will be engineering complete from Thursday 30 November.

Following further investigation and work carried out by the team on site, the connection work planned for the Ringwood Road is no longer necessary. We will not be closing Ringwood Road as previously advised.

Christchurch Road will be open on Thursday 30 November.  Please note we may still have equipment at the side of the road that is waiting on collection which may take a couple of days to clear.

Thank you to Dorset Council’s Highways Team, working alongside Ferndown Councillors for their involvement – working collaboratively, we’ve been able to provide a permanent solution to leaks on this critical part of the local gas network. Thanks also to the local community for their continued support and understanding for the disruption and inconvenience this urgent work has caused.


Phase two: Ringwood Road closure from Friday 1 December to Friday 5 January 2024

Once the new pipe is installed and Christchurch Road is fully reopened, we’ll need to carry out work to connect the new gas pipe to the gas network located on Ringwood Road. We’ll need to dig across the junction of Ringwood Road at its junction with the Longham roundabout. A temporary road closure will be in place during this phase of work. A signed diversion will be in place via Ham Lane, A31 and Ringwood Road.


Media library image
Three maps outlining the road closures and diversion routes during two phases of our work

Bus services will be impacted during the Ringwood Road closure – we would advise passengers to speak to their providers for the latest information on changes to routes, timetables and bus stop locations. Cycle and pedestrian access will be maintained through both work locations.

Please be assured that we've considered all traffic management options for this work with no other safe option than to close the road. To ensure these works are completed without delay, our engineers will be working from 8am to 7pm Monday to Saturday and Sundays when required.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience these urgent works may cause. Our engineers will be doing all they can to minimise disruption as much as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.