Mitcham, London Road

Page updated: Friday 23 February

Our work to upgrade the gas network in the London Road area of Mitcham is ongoing. 

We’re investing £2 million to replace our old pipes now to prevent future disruption caused by the unplanned, urgent repairs the community has experienced in the last 12 months. This essential work will ensure local homes and businesses will continue to receive a safe and reliable supply of gas for many years to come.

The initial phase of work in London Road, near to its junction with Locks Lane, began in mid-January and we can now share the additional phases referenced previously now plans are confirmed. Our engineers will be replacing our old pipes along London Road in sections until November and details of these phases can be found below.

Working to keep you safe and warm

What we're doing

We're replacing a section of our network that has a history of leaks. We've been managing the leak in an emergency repair capacity, but this permanent solution will address future disruption and ensure nearby properties have a reliable supply of gas.

When we're working

Our gas network replacement project started on Monday 22 January. This initial phase of work outlined below is on schedule to be completed within the estimated six-week timeframe, before we progress further along London Road to carry out upgrades in the remaining phases.


Phase one

We’re continuing to upgrade our gas network along London Road at its junction with Locks Lane. This phase started on Monday 22 January and is expected to take six weeks to complete.

Temporary traffic lights remain in operation on London Road around our work area. The lights are in place so our engineers can access our pipes and ensure everyone’s safety around our site. We’re continuing to manually operate these lights during peak times to help manage traffic flow and minimise disruption to motorists on this sensitive route.

Locks Lane will be shut at its junction with London Road until the end of this phase. Motorists are unable to enter or exit at this junction and should follow our signed diversion route via Holborn Way, Upper Green West, Upper Green East, Cedars Avenue and Tamworth Lane. Access is maintained for affected residents and businesses around our closure area.

A map showcasing our work area, road closure and diversion route can be seen below.

Media library image
Map showing the closure and diversion for work being carried out in Mitcham

Phase two-A

As we approach the end of our initial phase of work, we'll shortly start the second phase of our gas network upgrade project in London Road. This phase will be split into two parts.

From Sunday 3 March, our engineers will be working in London Road between its junctions with Eveline Road and Poplar Avenue for approximately three weeks.

During this time, and to ensure everyone's safety around our site, we need to close London Road to northbound motorists. A signed diversion route will be in place for all affected motorists.

London Road's northbound bus lane will also be shut between Bond Road and Eveline Road.

Access will be maintained to Lavender Road to and from London Road for motorists travelling southbound only.


Phase two-B

Our engineers will then move and be working between 172 London Road and its junction with Upper Green West, from Monday 25 March. Phase two-B of our project is expected to last approximately four weeks.

For safety, we need to implement a rolling northbound bus lane closure around our site as we progress along the road.

What does this mean for you?

  • Please check your local bus timetable to see if our work has affected the bus stop location, route or schedule of the service
  • Please advise any delivery companies and visitors they may need to use the diversion route
  • Please allow additional time for your journeys on this sensitive route while our work takes place

Phase three

The third phase of our gas network upgrade project along London Road will take place from Monday 22 April and last approximately 13 weeks.

Our engineers will be replacing our old pipes between Mitcham Town Centre and Locks Lane.

To ensure everyone's safety while this section of work is carried out, London Road will be closed to northbound motorists between these locations. Signed diversions will be in place for affected road users.

Access will remain to St Mark's Car Park throughout this phase of work.

London Road will remain open for southbound motorists.

Vehicles travelling along Bond Road will be unable to access London Road to travel northbound. Instead, affected road users will need to follow the signed diversion route along the southbound carriageway and via Western Road, Christchurch Road, Priory Road, High Street Colliers Wood, Tooting High Street, Mitcham Road and London Road.

From Monday 1 July, we will need to fully close Bond Road at its junction with London Road. For approximately two weeks, there will be no access in or out of Bond Road at this junction. A signed diversion will be in place.



Phase four

Our engineers will be returning to London Road’s junction with Locks Lane for two weeks.

Temporary lights will be in operation around our work area to manage traffic flow in both directions.

Locks Lane will be shut to motorists at this junction and affected residents should follow the signed diversion. 

All our work has been agreed in close consultation with Merton Borough Council.

We have two additional phases still to be planned as part of this essential gas network upgrade project in London Road. Once details for phases five and six have been confirmed, the information will be published on this page.

We understand roadworks can be frustrating. However, the new plastic pipe will have a lifespan of 80 years, which means once it is installed, Mitcham homes and businesses will be able to enjoy the benefits of a safe and reliable supply of gas for many years to come.


The sections of gas main being replaced are old metal pipes that have had multiple repairs. Replacing them with new plastic pipes will provide a permanent solution to address ongoing disruption caused by leaks. These gas pipelines not only service properties in the immediate area but provide a critical supply of gas to the area.

The work to replace the gas main along London Road is a result of ongoing leaks in the area. Our project is being carried out as urgent work to ensure a safe and reliable supply of gas is delivered to nearby properties, meaning there's minimal planning time and advance warning.

The work involves keeping the gas live and this is a complex engineering task. Temporary bypass gas mains need to be installed to make sure there is enough gas supply to continue supplying the community. Critical utility infrastructure such as underground electric cables also require careful excavation to make sure works are completed safely.

There are many reasons why engineers may not be visible on site at a particular time during our project. These include:

  • Local pressure testing: During the installation process, we need to maintain local pressures in the gas network. This requires engineers to be offsite at multiple governor locations across south London to monitor the pressures flowing through network.
  • Collection of materials: We may need to leave site to collect materials and parts which cannot be stored onsite.
  • Completed work: When further engineering works are not possible until the following day, continuing to work would take our team over their permitted working hours.
  • Resurfacing: We may not be present onsite when working to restore the area around our site to its original condition and road curing is ongoing.

To maintain network supply, we’re required to work in shorter sections and extra engineers will not speed up operations.

There are regulations relating to the amount of space required to work safely. If the road doesn’t meet these requirements, we must use traffic management to ensure the safety of everyone around our site.