Tunbridge Wells, A264 Langton Road

We're carrying out essential gas network upgrades in the A264 Langton Road area. This work will ensure a continued safe and reliable supply of gas is delivered to Tunbridge Wells homes and businesses.

Working to keep you safe and warm

What we're doing

We'll be replacing our old metal pipes in phases along Major York's Road and A264 Langton Road. This is part of our 30-year programme of work to replace our old mains, reaching the end of their useful lives, with new, reliable plastic pipe.

When we're working

Our work will start in January and is expected to last approximately four months. To help minimise disruption and complete this work as soon as we can, we'll be working extended hours on weekdays and at weekends.


Major York's Road

We'll begin our gas network upgrades in Major York's Road.

Our engineers will start work on Monday 8 January and this first phase is expected to last six weeks.

To ensure everyone's safety, we need to install temporary traffic lights around our site. These lights will move along the road as our work area progresses northwards.

We recognise this is a sensitive traffic location, and to help manage traffic flow, we'll be manually operating these lights between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Saturday.

We aim to complete our work and clear our site ahead of the Hendy Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon taking place on Sunday 18 February.


A264 Langton Road

Our engineers will return to the area on Monday 11 March to carry out network upgrades in A264 Langton Road.

This second phase of work is expected to last approximately eight weeks.

Once again, temporary traffic lights will be installed for everyone's safety around our work area. These lights will move along the road as we progress westwards to the junction of Dornden Drive.

We'll be manually controlling these lights between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Saturday, while working here.

All our work is agreed in close consultation with Kent County Council and key stakeholders.

We're continuing to plan further work along A264 Langton Road. This is likely to commence in March 2025. Details of this future phase of work will be published here once confirmed.

We understand roadworks can be frustrating. However, the new plastic pipe has a lifespan of 80 years. This means that once our work is done, Tunbridge Wells residents and businesses will be able to enjoy the benefits of a safe and reliable supply of gas for many years to come.


Project update: Thursday 29 February

We're preparing to start the second phase of this gas network upgrade project along A264 Langton Road.

This was due to begin on Monday 4 March, however, due to the recent wet weather and the impact on our engineering team completing another project, the start has been delayed until Monday 11 March. Temporary traffic lights will be in operation along A264 Langton Road for approximately eight weeks from this date.

Full details of this second phase can be found above.