A future supply of low carbon gas

Biomethane (or green gas) is produced when organic material such as food waste, manure, sewage and crops is broken down by micro-organisms in an oxygen-free environment. One of the end products is biomethane, a manageable and clean fuel that can be injected into our network and used just like natural gas for heating and cooking.

We’ve already connected 35 biomethane plants to our network, supplying enough green gas to heat 191,000 homes. And there are another 11 plants planned over the next year putting us well on our way to delivering our target of heating the equivalent of 250,000 homes by 2021. Currently, only 2.5% of the estimated available organic farm waste in the UK is used to create green gas, making biomethane a promising component in our future low carbon gas mix.

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A diagram showing the biomethane process. Organic matter is broken down by micro-organisms and this becomes the end product, Biomethane.