Network gas entry and green gas connections

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Biomethane production at a farm. We're committed to increasing the volume of biomethane in our network to reduce carbon emissions as we move toward a net zero future.

Biomethane production at a farm.

Green gas is a clean fuel with a big role to play in helping us achieve our net zero future vision.

The most common green gas is biomethane, which can be used in all traditional gas applications – cooking, heating, industry, power and transport. We injected the first green gas into the UK gas distribution network at Didcot, in Oxfordshire, and we are a leading partner in the UK’s first commercial biomethane plant at Rainbarrow Farm in Dorset.

We’ve helped businesses from distilleries in the Scottish Highlands to small farms join the green gas revolution, saving hundreds of thousands of tonnes of CO2 each year. 

Read on to find out more about connecting your green gas facility to our network.

Becoming a green gas producer

Becoming a green gas producer requires a number of steps that need to be undertaken to ensure a safe and secure connection process.

Initial Enquiry
Our first steps together will form an indicative view on the potential for our network to accept the volume of gas you can produce. We will require indicative geographic site location information and a high-level indication of the potential injection rate in standard cubic metres per hour. This enquiry service is provided free of charge and will return results within 15 working days.

Capacity Study
Building on the information from your Initial Enquiry response, we’ll develop detailed analysis on a specific site to understand any potential constraints on our network. This report is a comprehensive analysis of the network’s ability to accept gas for injection at your requested connection point and is chargeable.

Feasibility Study
A feasibility study may be required dependent on the complexity and pressure tier you wish to connect to. For example, all transmission connections will require a detailed feasibility study covering the physical connection onto the existing network and the transmission pipeline construction and design.

Following that, we’ll make a formal agreement to facilitate the network entry facility connection via a Network Connection Agreement and a Network Entry Agreement covering the enduring arrangements for injecting gas into our network.


Here you'll find the necessary documents to progress your green gas connection journey. Download using the links below.

Network Entry Agreement (Scotland)

Connection Offer Letter (Scotland)

Network Entry Agreement (England)

Connection Offer Letter (England)

Getting started

If you or your business is interested in producing gas for injection into our network, contact us today to arrange a discussion covering the connection process. We will work with you throughout the entire connections process to manage the required interactions with our network and deliver a successful gas-to-grid project.