Priority Services Register

The Priority Services Register (PSR) helps us identify customers who need priority support in a gas emergency. 

By registering for this free service, you will receive extra help if you’re without your gas supply either in an emergency or because of planned work. We can provide electric heating and cooking appliances or even alternative accommodation to keep you safe and warm while you’re without gas.  

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The PSR also lets other energy companies like us, including your suppliers, tailor our day-to-day services to your individual needs to make sure we're helping you stay safe, warm and well-informed all year round. This includes offering you information in other formats like large print or Braille, nominating someone else to deal with your energy bills on your behalf, and providing advance notice of any planned power cuts.

Who can register for the PSR?

You, or your loved ones, could be eligible to join the Priority Services Register if you’re:

  • over 60
  • have children under five or are pregnant
  • have long-term physical or mental health conditions
  • have a disability
  • have additional language or communication needs

How to register

The PSR is completely free and confidential and it means you’ll always get the help you need, particularly in an emergency. If you’re not registered on your supplier’s PSR, we can help you join. You can;