We’ve launched our Strategy to go net zero by 2045

07 Apr 2021

We’ve launched our Environment Strategy: our business blueprint for reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions. Working towards the Scottish Government's net zero target across both our networks, our new commitment means that all of our business operations will have net zero climate impact by 2045.

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From changing the way we operate our network, to replacing our fleet of vehicles and changing the way we work and source goods, developing our Environmental Strategy has been an all-encompassing effort engaging every part of our business. 

Based around five pillars that demonstrate our long-term environmental ambitions, the strategy will help reduce our emissions as we work to develop a world-leading green gas network powered by hydrogen. The pillars are: 

Net zero business carbon emissions
We’ll reduce our carbon footprint to net zero by 2045.

Engaging with our supply chain
We’re changing the way we source goods to reduce their carbon impact, and helping our suppliers become more sustainable.

Boosting biodiversity
We’ll create more healthy green areas on our land, helping to improve air quality in our communities.

Transitioning towards a circular economy
We’ll use our resources efficiently across our business operations and infrastructure projects, reduce waste to landfill, and cut down on using virgin resources.

Supporting the transition to a hydrogen economy
We’ll work with industry and Governments to support the transition to a net zero gas network powered by hydrogen.

We currently contribute around 800,000 tonnes of CO2e to the atmosphere each year. Our strategy details a series of progressive, environmentally beneficial actions that will reduce our emissions, including: 

  • Continuing our iron gas main replacement programme, reducing leakage and getting our network ready for a hydrogen future. 
  • Procuring 100% certified renewable electricity by 2022. 
  • Installing renewable energy generation at our depots and sites. 
  • Developing biodiversity projects to create more healthy green land on our sites and benefit local communities. 
  • Engaging with and supporting our suppliers to reduce their environmental impact. 
  • Replacing our fleet with electric, hybrid, or hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles.

“The global climate emergency has never been more visible, and people are much more aware than they were just a few years ago,” says Carolina Karlstrom, our Senior Lead for Environment and Climate Change. 

“Our customers want to know that we’re taking action on climate change and we’ve put together a comprehensive strategy that will cut our emissions to net zero at the same time as we work towards a green future energy system. 

“We’ve set ourselves a really ambitious target but it’s a huge opportunity to show how serious we are about tackling our environmental impact, about being transparent, and about doing the right thing for our communities and for the planet.  

“This is a watershed moment for our company and we’re looking forward to working with our partners, suppliers, local authorities and fellow energy networks to deliver net zero by our 2045 deadline.” 

The Environment Strategy is aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and comes shortly after the formation of our Environment Advisory Panel. The Panel brings together industry sustainability experts to advise on decarbonisation approaches and best practice. 

Its launch also comes as we prepare to begin construction on H100 Fife: a world-first green hydrogen demonstration project that will provide evidence for Government policy decisions on the decarbonisation of home heating, which accounts for around a third of all UK carbon emissions.