Levenmouth area, Fife

We will shortly be starting work to upgrade our natural gas network in Buckhaven and Denbeath. Our engineers will be replacing around 1.5km of our old metallic gas mains and services with modern, plastic polyethylene (PE) pipe.

Our world-first H100 Fife project which is also taking place in this area. This new zero carbon hydrogen network is being laid next year.

Our existing natural gas network will remain in place while H100 Fife is running so residents in this area who are eligible for H100 Fife have a choice of moving to hydrogen or remaining with your natural gas supply. This safety critical and essential upgrade project needs to go ahead now and will ensure those who remain on natural gas receive a continued safe and reliable gas supply for many years to come. It will also ensure our entire network is ready for green sources of energy, such as hydrogen, in future.

In agreement with Fife Council, our upgrade project will start on Monday 28 November and last approximately 20 weeks. We’re carrying out this project in five phases to minimise disruption as much possible.


Update: March 2023

We're making steady progress with this project and have so far completed the areas marked in green in the map below. Gas mains in those areas marked in orange will be replaced in the coming weeks.

We'll continue to update you on our progress here.


Media library image
A map showing where we'll be working during our project in Levenmouth.

*Give and take traffic management will be required in all phases of this project.


H100 Fife

H100 Fife will be the world's first, zero-carbon green hydrogen heating network, and is being built right here in Buckhaven and Denbeath. If you live in the network area, you could be eligible to take part to receive a free new hydrogen boiler and appliances to replace your natural gas appliances with free installation, servicing and maintenance. You’ll also get £1,000 for taking part. Check out h100fife.co.uk to see if you live in the network area.