Woldingham, Station Road

Updated - Friday 4 October

We're continuing to replace our old gas mains and services with a new plastic pipe in the Station Road area to ensure safe and reliable gas supply to Woldingham properties.

Following close consultation with Surrey County Council, Woldingham Parish Council and The Woldingham Association, we began our work in April and our engineers are making good progress with these essential gas network upgrades.

We completed our work in the southern section of Station Road, between Croft Road and Slines Oak Road, allowing us to safely remove our traffic lights back in July.

However, Station Road remains closed to motorists between Woldingham Road and Croft Road while we complete our upgrades in this northern section. We've made excellent progress and will be able to safely reopen Station Road on Tuesday 8 October, approximately seven weeks earlier than expected.

As previously mentioned, we have further network upgrades to carry out in Woldingham as part of our commitment to ensure the reliability of the gas supply in the area.

Our engineers started work in Park View Road in July and this work is expected to last approximately 26 weeks. We'll be progressing northwards in sections from Station Road up to, and then into, Southdown Road. So far, we've been able to carry out this work under give and take traffic management. We're hoping this can continue for the remainder of our work in Park View Road and Southdown Road, but if it is not safe to do so, we'll need to close the road and signed diversions will be in place for motorists.

As we approach the completion of our work in Station Road, we'll begin carrying out upgrades in Lunghurst Road from Monday 21 October. Our engineers will be working in 100m sections from its junction with Halliloo Valley Road to Slines Oak Road. For everyone's safety, Lunghurst Road will be closed to motorists and signed diversions will be in place. This work is expected to take approximately 26 weeks to complete.

We've revised our plans to upgrade our network in Southfields Road. We're now planning to start our work here from mid-January and expect this to take approximately eight weeks to complete. For safety and to maintain traffic flow, we may need to install temporary traffic lights around our work area at times.

After liaising with the council, we've postponed our work on Northdown Road as the unfavourable winter conditions may cause additional disruption due to the traffic management required to safely carry this out.

We’d like to thank residents, businesses and road users for their continued patience and understanding while we carry out this essential work. We understand that people can get frustrated by roadworks. However, the new plastic pipe has a minimum lifespan of 80 years. This means that when our work in Woldingham is complete, residents and businesses will continue to enjoy the benefits of safe and reliable gas supply for many years to come.