• Hydrogen 100 project


    Hydrogen 100


    Our Hydrogen 100 project has been designed to demonstrate the safe, secure and reliable distribution of hydrogen.

    The government has given a commitment to reduce carbon output and progress towards the 2050 UK carbon target by reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 80% of 1990 levels. To meet this very challenging target by 2050, all methods of decarbonisation will need to be explored. 

    The introduction of hydrogen into the energy mix is a potential solution and could form an important part of the UK’s low carbon future. Our H100 project is a feasibility study which will look to build on prior work and develop site specific evidence to support the construction of a physical 100% hydrogen demonstration.  

    The UK has an advanced and efficient gas network that currently supplies the energy to heat 82% of the UK’s buildings. It also supplies the vast majority of the UK’s industrial heat. The gas network delivers six to seven times more of the UK’s peak energy than the electricity network. The gas network therefore has a major role to play in the journey to decarbonisation.

    The H100 project will run concurrently with other projects that seek to support decarbonisation of heat.