International Women in Engineering Day

International Women in Engineering Day is an annual celebration and awareness campaign for women working in engineering and for the exciting careers available in the industry.

As an Endorsed Employer, we're working with WORK180 to raising the profile of women and focus attention on how to successfully enter and succeed in the engineering sector.

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In our first joint campaign, we asked colleagues:

"What's the one piece of advice you would pass on to a woman who is either starting or changing her career to the engineering sector?"


Jayme Lee, First Call Operative

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"Don’t be afraid or deterred in our male-dominated industry – in my experience I’ve been supported and encouraged, and I’m exactly where I want to be!"


Annabel West, Head of Engineering Policy

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"Have confidence in your ability – and if you aren’t feeling it then fake it till you make it!"


Charlotte Sackett, First Call Operative

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"Don’t be afraid or feel intimidated and get stuck in. I would never have thought five years ago that I would be learning in this industry and working where there are few women around, but I love every minute of it. It’s hard work, more than I ever realised, but it certainly makes me happy – especially with the support I have had from everyone in the industry. It has changed my life."


Fern Fisher, Business Performance Manager

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"Forget about stereotypes and what other people think – work hard, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and surround yourself with positive people who inspire and encourage you."


Masha Allan, Project Manager (Major Projects)

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"Find someone who can give you advice, encouragement and support. It can be a friend, a colleague or a family member – it’s a huge confidence boost knowing someone is looking out for you. In short – be bold, be brave and, most importantly, believe in yourself!"


Matthew Emery, Training Officer

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"Women bring exciting ways of thinking and problem-solving to the field of engineering. It’s vital to utilise the skills of both genders to be able to overcome any challenges. There is an abundance of opportunities for women to excel in engineering, helping to create a better and brighter future for us all."


Louisa Fisher, Project Manager

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"Take the challenge. It can be daunting and scary when people make comments and question your ability but remember – anyone can achieve anything they want to with the right attitude and willingness to learn. You have to start at the beginning regardless of whether you’re a woman or a man."


Cat Vaughan, Trainee Team Manager

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"If you're interested in something and you're good at something, chase it and explore it. Don't try to visualise yourself doing it, just do it! Some interests and behaviours are associated with certain genders but it's nonsense and every person should pursue what they’re passionate about."


Glenn Norman, Director of Operations South

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"As science and technology advance, the needs of employers change, and many women may be thinking about a career change or starting their career in the engineering sector – it’s an exciting and innovative industry to work in. Always listen, engage, ask questions, and be confident in the decisions you make – you’ll never stop learning."