Connecting to the new gas main

Following consultation with Falkirk Council, our network will be extended to connect the villages of Whitecross, Letham, California, Avonbridge, and Slamannan to the gas mains.

If you live in any of these villages, you may have the opportunity to connect your property to our gas network.


Local authority tenants

Once the gas main has been extended into your area, Falkirk Council will offer you a connection to the gas network.  

Homeowners and landlords

You will have the opportunity to connect your property to the gas network once we have extended the gas main into your area. Falkirk Council have contributed towards to overall cost of the project.

A Mains Contribution charge of £2,000 and the standard cost of a service connection of £893 plus VAT per property.

The new connection will include pipework from the gas main to your meter. You will need to arrange for a meter to be fitted, gas appliances to be installed and internal pipework to be completed.  

Costs are correct as of September 2023. If your property has non-standard requirements or requires additional pipework, additional charges may apply. 

Financial support 

You may be eligible for support with the standard cost of a new connection through our Help to Heat scheme. 

Find out about Help to Heat



How to apply for a new connection

Once our work in your area is nearly completed, you can apply online for a new connection to our gas network. 

You will receive a no-obligation quote for the connection cost and mains contribution. To go ahead with the connection you will need to accept your quote and pay for the work. We will then discuss a start date to complete the work to connect your property. 

Find out more about applying for a new connection